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    Centrifugal fans in the process of downtime must pay attention to the program can be safe and worry-free

    Some machinery, whether it is in the beginning of the use or the end of the time to use in accordance with certain processes to operate, the only way to ensure the safe operation of the machine, like a centrifugal fan is one such machine.
    For the centrifugal fan Many people know that the fan of a, but it and the use of ordinary fan has a very different way. Take the shutdown program to say it, when the centrifugal fan occurs when some emergency situations will use the staff clearly know. Wuxi centrifugal fan of the relevant experts to describe the specific situation of the emergency.
    The first time the centrifugal fan suddenly a strong vibration, and has exceeded the trip value, this time it is necessary to carry out emergency shutdown; the body has a strong collision sound or abnormal friction sound; oil pressure below the alarm and there is no way through the automatic Adjust the return to normal; fuel tank level is low, and even have a way to take the air, if this happens, we must carry out emergency shutdown, and then further check the problem, only check the cause of the failure after the Aspects of the maintenance can be normal start centrifugal fan.
    Then the normal downtime and what kind of a kind of form and procedures? First of all to gradually open the vent valve, in the operation of the program when the time to gradually close the exhaust valve; gradually close the small intake throttle, it was 20 to 25 degrees; press the stop button, we must pay attention to this process There is no abnormal phenomenon, to ensure that the machine at the next use of the safety performance; unit in the stop after 5 to 10 minutes or when the bearing temperature dropped to 45 degrees when the oil can stop.
    If it is the same time to stop the oil supply, it may damage some parts of the centrifugal fan, affecting the normal use of machinery.

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